What do Children Learn at PCDP?

July 11, 2014

I hope summer break has been restful and fun for everyone. Here at PCDP we have begun to plan for the coming school year. As we busy ourselves with lesson plans, activities, calendars, and decorations it occurred to us that many of our new families might have questions regarding preschool. You may be wondering exactly what your child will be learning and if he or she will be having fun. Preschool gets the smallest students ready for the big-time learning that will begin in elementary school (hence the “pre”) — minus the formal instruction and more serious structure that’s best left to the over-five crowd. At PCDP, your child will pick up new skills the age-appropriate way — by doing, playing, and exploring. Here are just a few of the many benefits our preschool experience offers:


  • Practice with social skills. By taking part in sing-alongs and story time, hands-on art projects and simple experiments, dress-up and building-block sessions, two- to five-year-olds gain experience taking turns, following directions, and cooperating with their pint-sized peers. One of the other benefits of preschool: social butterflies who may be bored at home can spread their wings in a group setting, while shy wallflowers who aren’t born minglers may blossom when they’re part of the preschool pack.


  • Introduction to the basics. Preschool benefits include exposure to letters by singing songs, to numbers through counting blocks, to language skills during story time, to basic math concepts through cooking, and to colors through finger-painting — all fun (and sometimes messy!) activities that boost kids’ curiosity and knowledge in a pressure-free way. Your child will also be introduced to botany, biology, and geology during nature walks; learn about shapes by putting puzzles together; and study the seasons through collages (and just going outside!).


  • Learning about the wider world. The more children play, explore, and see for themselves, the more they will learn. At preschool, the opportunities for discovery are limitless. At the water table, students figure out that some objects sink and others float; on an autumn nature walk, they will see that leaves dry up and fall down; and in the playground, children learn that trikes are easier to ride on smooth surfaces and harder on rough ones.



  • A chance to create. Preschool teachers have lots of arts-and-crafts projects up their sleeves. Your pint-sized artist will have many chances to channel his or her inner Picasso.


  • Lots of fun. Sure, you have loads of toys, books, and activities at home. But at preschool, your little one will have a plethora of playthings — a veritable wonderland of fun and games (and don’t forget, at this age fun is the name of the game).


As always, feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have. Information packets will be sent out soon regarding supplies and any information we need for enrollment. We are looking forward to seeing each of you at our Parent Meeting August 26th at 6:00 PM in the church fellowship hall.




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